Monday, September 26, 2011

IHewu: Ukonga inxeba

Steps are being made to rejuvenate the fallen projects of Hewu.
I have completed the production of the three part series on IHewu, and I feel satisfied that I have managed to realise my aims for the series. Along the way, I had to change my plans in terms of sources, ending up using  fewer than I originally intended.  I nevertheless managed to capture some key trends with regards to the way the  region’s fortunes has changed, tracking this from its days under Ciskei rule and now in democratic South Africa. I have also managed to give a sense of the region's struggle, in the contemporary moment to maintain its sustainability and agricultural projects, which it was renowned for in the past. Most importantly, the peole who have expressed this message have been citizens from Hewu, who have ensured that this series is based on quality, in-depth accounts.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A story comes together

The main street of Whittlesea. The revamped Shiloh Irrigation Scheme can be seen in the background.